//Search a specific site rather than the entire Web.
    function search() {
	  //Replace sample domain name below with your own domain name.
      var site = "dgsddpro.com";
	  //Get the text that the user typed into the textbox.
      var lookfor = document.getElementById("txtlookfor").value;
	  //If the box wasn't empty do the search. 
      if (lookfor.length > 0) {
		//Build URL for the search.
        var query = "http://www.google.com/search?q=" + encodeURIComponent(lookfor) + " site:" + site;
	   //Set Address bar equal to query.
        location.href = query;
      } else {
		//If textbox was empty, show an alert.
        alert("Please type the word or words for which you want to search.");
Search My Site The output of this program is ->

Search This Site: https://www.dgsddpro.com